Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem appears to be on track for the 2022 Australian Open as he hopes to return to full training next month.

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The 2020 US Open champion injured his wrist at the grass court Mallorca Open in June and it forced him to prematurely end his season.

He received the good news last week that he didn’t need to undergo wrist surgery.

In a latest update this week, Thiem says he’s started playing tennis at a low intensity in recent weeks – and if a further examination later this month brings more good news, he’ll return to full training in November.

“Today I played 10 minutes of tennis again for the first time,” Thiem said at a press conference in Austria. “I have to fight my way back step by step. Today I hit 10 minutes with a softball, tomorrow maybe 15. [If the examination is fine] I will finally hit the balls properly again at the beginning of November.”

Thiem also gave an update about his Covid-19 vaccination status. This comes after recent reports suggested that only fully vaccinated players will be allowed entry into Melbourne for the Australian Open.

The 28-year-old said he was waiting for the availability of the Novavax vaccine, trials for which are still ongoing.

Thiem did, however, assure fans that he would take an alternative vaccine in case Novavax is not available in time.

“I actually wanted to get vaccinated with the inactivated Novavax vaccine,” Thiem said. “If that doesn’t work, I’ll just take another vaccine.”

Picture: Dominic Thiem/Twitter